Each day, millions of business owners, department heads, accountants and bookkeepers manage multiple open applications from their task bars.

Bank accounts. Credit cards. Mortgages. Loans. Leases.  Can you feel the overwhelming sense of overload and dread building? The need to login to each of these applications and sites is time consuming and you still lack the single source display for all these resources. Wouldn’t it be great to view all your financial institutions from one dashboard?  We think so too, and we built Expex to be able to provide that single source view.

Expex delivers a single dashboard with current views of each financial account you have to manage.  In addition, you can set notifications via text, email or desktop to alert you to low balances, increased credit card balances or loan totals.   Need to look at specific transactions or see your statements in full?  Expex delivers that too!

We too own a business and know that time is critical and managing from one place is a lot easier than managing from many. So, request an Expex demo and see how you can reduce the number of applications on your task bar and return to the business at hand- being a successful business.

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