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In businesses that do not employ on onsite bookkeeper or accountant, and where the owner is a Jack or Jane of all trades, a single solution for managing cash flow and financial visibility is critical.

Many companies ‘share’ a credit card across multiple departments for purchasing goods and services throughout the month. This number can get very large, very fast. So, what is the amount due right now?

Simultaneously, your operating bank account has debits and credits occurring multiple times throughout the day. I need to search transactions to find a cashed check. What’s the balance and can I pay bills today?

Traditionally, you would have to sign into your credit card website and your bank account website to view the accounts for the answers to those questions.  Enter the Expex web app.

One single application where you can get real time balances for all your bank accounts, credit cards, loans mortgages and more. Time is indeed an asset and one that we value.  Expex saves you time with a single dashboard view. With over 11,000 financial institutions available, you can search transactions and automatically download statements from this single sign in.

We know what it is like to run a business.  We run one too and we built Expex to help.  Ask us for a demo or to chat about how Expex can make your life easier.

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