What does Carly do?

Carly thinks and acts like a bookkeeper and can do a lot of the work for you.

  • Bill Payments – Receive, review, approve, and pay your bills electronically. No more paper, filing, checks, or mailing.
  • Financial Accounts – Link all your financial accounts in one place with monitoring and notifications when account balances are lower (or higher with credit cards) than you want them to be.
  • Cash Flow – See what your cash flow looks like and receive alerts weeks in advance when you hit a cash crunch.
  • Transaction Categorization – automate your financial transaction classifications in your bank accounts and credit card accounts, so all transactions are booked correctly.
automated Bookkeeping services in Schenectady NY

What our accountants do

Our accountants review the work Carly is doing and account for any transactions that cannot be automated. They also complete credit card and bank reconciliations, then publish your financial statements every month. Of course, they are also here to answer any questions you have on how Carly is working or about your bookkeeping


Carly is integrated with QuickBooks Online, so you can continue to use the best financial accounting application on the market today. Carly and the team at Expex automate, review, and complete the work you and your team would need to do to keep your bookkeeping up to date, so you get clean books with real-time reporting.

Online Automated Bookkeeping Services /Online Automated Bookkeeping Solutions

Historical Bookkeeping

Behind with your bookkeeping? No worries. Many of our customers come to Expex with catch up work required to get their books current. Historical bookkeeping is something we’re very familiar with, and we are happy to get your books current and clean before you get started with Carly.