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By partnering with Expex, accounting firms can improve their performance in three critical areas:




The Expex application enables accounting firms and their SMB QuickBooks users with a dashboard and tool set that automates bookkeeping and accounting tasks. The application provides accounting firms and their clients with the ability to operate more efficiently, with improved profits and cash flow.

Benefits to our Accounting Firm partners:

  • Creates a bridge between you and your client. Offers tools that your client can use to improve their financial performance, enhancing client satisfaction and cultivating retention rates.
  • Creates a competitive advantage when pursuing new business by delivering tools to improve your client’s financial performance, while lowing your expenses for managing the client.
  • Creates a more efficient and profitable model for your firm by reducing the time required to perform accounting tasks and manage clients.

Benefits to the accounting firms SMB clients:

Expex is a SaaS application that automates accounting and bookkeeping tasks, improves cash flow, lowers business expenses, and reduces the time required to review financial data and transactions. The app has smart alerts that notify users of critical issues requiring their attention and is integrated with QuickBooks and 11,000 financial institutions.

Benefits include:

  • 20% increase in working capital
  • 25% reduction in expense spending
  • 70% reduction in time to pay bills and other accounting tasks
  • REAL TIME & complete view of your finances 24/7
  • Alerts for time-sensitive items
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