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Carly…the last bookkeeper you will ever hire.




Expex has developed an automated bookkeeping application for SMB’s that uses QuickBooks. Our software thinks and acts like a person, so we gave it a name – Carly. Carly can accomplish tasks the same way a human bookkeeper can, but Carly is… faster, smarter, more accurate, less expensive, and always available.

Read about our case study, download the document here.

The Problem:

4 out of 5 business failures are a result of poor cash management.

Nearly half of all small businesses list bookkeeping and accounting as their least favorite tasks.

Managing cash flow and time constraints consistently rank as two of the top 5 concerns small and medium size companies face.

Our Solution:

Carly thinks and acts like a bookkeeper – only smarter, faster, less expensive, and more secure than traditional bookkeepers. Carly can…

  • Automate tasks like paying bills and managing cash flow
  • Reconcile bank and credit card accounts
  • Deliver smart alerts for tasks you need to perform
  • Provide financial visibility 24/7
  • Lower your cost of managing your finances
  • Reduce your risk of fraud
  • Prepare and deliver monthly financial statements

How it Works:

Carly is a SaaS application that is integrated with QuickBooks and 11,000 financial institutions. Simply download the application, connect to QuickBooks and your financial accounts, setup your users and you’re ready to go. Carly will start automating your bill payments, cash flow projections, notifications and a host of other bookkeeping tasks.


The dashboard acts like a stoplight giving you a green GO ahead, a yellow SLOW down or a red STOP- this needs attention.

My Accounts
Real time balances for all your financial accounts in one place (bank accounts, loans, mortgages and credit cards). You can also download statements automatically and search transactions.

Bills & Payments
Automate the entire process of paying bills including receipt, review, approval and payment.

Cash Manager
Get your bank balance, available balance (cash balance less any checks in float) and a cash projection based on future income and expenses. Run “What if” scenarios to manage your cash flow.

Financial Health
Select up to 10 financial elements to monitor the financial health of your company.

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